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You’re About To Discover Why “Eat Right And Exercise” Is DEAD… And Have A Great LAUGH In The Process!

Ask any personal trainer or nutrition expert and they’ll tell you that exercising too much is NOT the way to lose weight. It can actually be VERY counterproductive.

And if they have your best interest in mind – and NOT their wallets – they’ll also tell you that 85% of your weight loss success will come from other factors… that have NOTHING to do with exercising whatsoever.

If you think that’s a joke, you’ll LOVE the punchline:

I was obese into my teens and overweight as an adult until I discovered the truth. (You’ll see the PROOF of this in a minute.) Yet, today, I’m one of THE fittest people in the gym… and the funniest part is that I have the laziest “workout” most people have ever seen.

As a matter of fact, I spend more than half the time on my tablet writing or reviewing my business data. While others are huffing and puffing away on the treadmill, stair stepper or the elliptical.

They’re sweating their lungs out trying to lose weight and get to the body they want. While I rarely even break a sweat.

I’m at the gym as I write this now, actually.

I see people looking at me funny wondering why I’m not working out hard. They probably think I’m in great shape because I’m some freak of nature with the right “body type”. Or fantastic “genes”.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth… as the pictures you’ll see in a moment will undoubtedly reveal.

Fact is, I can’t help that they don’t know the secrets that I do. If they did, their life would be A LOT easier. And they would have the body they REALLY want.

Here’s the disturbing part:

Many people falsely believe the LIE that I once believed – that they’re going to run and sweat their way to the body of their dreams… or the sexy abs they see on TV.

Unfortunately, that’s NOT going to happen… EVER!

Truth is, most people are NOT really lazy. They give it their best shot. But eventually give up on “eating right and exercising” because they put forth so much effort. But never see any meaningful results.

Sad, but true. I know this dilemma very well because I LIVED it for more than half of my life! As I always say:

“There’s an easy way and a hard way to do everything in life.”

It took me more than half of my lifetime to figure out the easier way. But I’m sure glad I did. Because now, I’ll NEVER have to suffer from being overweight again. I still remember how embarrassed I felt. And how I would:

Wear loose shirts or dark colored clothes to hide my “rolls”.

Feel self-conscious because I had “man boobs”. (Moobs)

Have to adjust myself so my “fatness” was not showing.

Feel like a whale whenever I saw someone who was skinny or fit.

Look in the mirror and wish that my fat would just melt or go away.

Curious about what the easier way is?

I’m about to reveal it… and I’m also going to tell you how you can be lazy and still lose all the weight you want!

Oh wait. Before I do that, I have another joke you’ll find hilarious:

Many so called “experts” say that our metabolism slows down, our muscles get weaker and our energy levels drop after the age of 25.

Read between the lines and they’re basically telling us that our physical condition declines over time… and there’s not much we can do about it.


I’ll be 40 shortly. And I’m not only one of THE fittest people in the gym, but I’m also in THE best shape I’ve EVER been in!

And I NEVER starve myself. I don’t need to have IRON willpower. And I ROLL my eyes whenever I read another article about the benefits of fiber, vegetables and “eating a rainbow”, or weight loss tips by someone who has never been fat or IS fat now.

I find it hilarious that most trainers at the gyms I’ve been to are actually very UN-FIT!


And many of the articles on losing weight are written by journalist or academics who understand weight loss as a concept. But have never had to lose weight… and some of them REALLY should!

Especially if they want to be giving others advice on how they can lose weight.

And here’s the funniest one of all… the overweight bloggers who tell us how to “lose weight”.


I’ve never been skydiving.

Do you want to go with me?

I didn’t think so… but that’s the world we live in. People are great at giving advice. But not so good at taking it themselves. If they were, they wouldn’t be overweight.

Some will argue with me to defend their position. But ask them to show you their belly and the visible proof is clear!

As you can see, I go against the grain and what is popular in everything I do. And I even avoid cardio (running or jogging) like the plague – with the exception of an occasional hike in nature – because it only makes me ravenously hungry.

POW! – Take that “experts”!

Yes, I realize that what I’ve said up to this point goes against just about everything you’ve ever read or heard – COMPLETELY.

But you’ll understand why and how I can be so lazy and still be amazingly fit in the next few minutes…

By now, it’s no secret that approximately two-thirds of the American population is overweight with the rest of the developed world progressively catching up. You hear about it on the radio, see it on TV, and read about it almost everywhere.

The shocking part is that we have more information, pills, potions, and exercise gadgets available today than ever, yet we’re unhealthier than ever.

Is it me, or is there something wrong with this picture?

This is the question I’ve asked myself time and time again when I hear that more and more people are overweight. The reason why I’m sharing it with you is because it sheds light on a very frightening, but alarming, reality:

The “expert” advice that is supposed to help us lose weight is NOT working!

In terms of diet books and books on losing weight, we all know that there are thousands available already. What most of us aren’t aware of, however, is that the majority of them are based on a similar obsolete concept: that all we need to do to lose weight is to “eat right and exercise”.

While eating right and exercising are both essential ingredients in the recipe for losing weight and keeping it off, books and programs that focus on this concept alone are failing to help us deal with a large number of the critical issues and challenges that are causing us to gain weight. Some of these include:

  • Work related stress
  • Personal stress
  • Low levels of energy
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Emotional eating
  • Self-defeating thoughts
  • Poor self-images
  • Negative influences
  • Eating binges
  • Lack of motivation
  • Chronic overeating
  • Self-defeating habits
  • Non-supportive beliefs
  • Poor body images
  • Compulsive eating

To make matters even worse, many of these books and programs are marketed similar to the weight loss products that claim to produce outrageous results—with misleading advertising that suggests that we can lose an unrealistic amount of weight in a very short period of time. 

Between the lack of accurate information and the false expectations marketers create for us, it’s no wonder why 95% of us get frustrated and eventually give up!


Having thrown in the towel myself many times over the years, I was determined to create a step-by-step online success program that provides you with a complete arsenal of real-world tactics and methods to tackle most, if not all, weight loss related issues. The end result was Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars!

Here's why Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars is your master key for permanently losing weight!

Reason # 1: Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars tells you the truth about losing weight!

That we do have to make changes in our lifestyle and maintain them. That it will take time. And that there may be challenges. Because that is just how life is.

Notice how I’m not saying that you’ll lose 30 pounds in thirty days. That some pills, potions or
exercise gadgets will make you lose all the weight you want quickly and easily.

Or that you’ll have the rockin’ body you’ve always wanted overnight? (While flashing beautiful models with the beach-ready-bodies in front of you!)

That’s because I’m telling you the truth!

It may not have marketing sizzle or sound as sexy as “8 Second Abs” or “Exercise in a Bottle”, of course. But it will help you to accomplish three things that are FAR more important:

a) It will kick your drive and motivation into high gear so you can shed the excess weight and keep it off—FOREVER!

b) It will provide you with all of the tools and step-by-step guidance you need to lose weight as quickly as humanly possible for YOU and YOUR body.

c) It will help you to blast past any challenges and break through any obstacles that have been holding you back, slowing you down or preventing you from losing weight.

Losing weight was something I never thought I could do, but after going through the Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars online program, I’m finally doing it! So far I’ve lost 43 pounds, I feel great and I’m loving life again!

– Barbara Morgan

Reason # 2: Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars helps you to overcome issues that other books and programs can’t!

When most people are having trouble losing weight or keeping it off, it’s usually because they have obstacles they aren’t aware of. Here are a few of the most common examples:

  • Many need need help reducing stress, alleviating frustrations and relaxing
  • Many need to forgive themselves for mistakes of the past to eliminate self-sabotage
  • Many need to retract the unconscious decision to “let themselves go
  • Many need to replace non-supportive beliefs (example: “I can’t do it”) with beliefs that support their efforts
  • Many need to break through false securities that prevent them from losing weight
  • Many need to give themselves permission to succeed to keep moving forward
  • Many need to move past mental barriers that keep their progress at a standstill
  • Many need to discover how to think positive thoughts that motivate them
  • Many need to release old emotions that cause them distress
  • Many need to identify and replace foods that cause them to gain weight
  • Many need to understand how to choose their food portions to avoid eating excessively
  • Many need to determine which foods to eat to burn body fat and which ones to avoid

Personally, I had to overcome all of these issues!

And then I had to figure out how to exercise correctly to get the results I wanted. Like most people, my situation wasn’t just one challenge that could be solved by something as simple as “eating right and exercising”. It was a whole web of obstacles that had me entangled!

Thanks to nearly two decades of research, a lot of personal frustration with trial and error, and years of working with clients, Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars can do for you what no other program can—provide you with the tools and guidance you need to finally break through to the weight loss success you’ve always dreamed of!

Reason # 3: I’m not some writer, journalist or theorist on weight loss—I WAS OVER WEIGHT!!

I rode the weight loss roller coaster and struggled to maintain my weight for almost two decades!

Although it took me almost 18 years of in-depth research and trial and error to FINALLY reach and maintain my ideal weight and body—because I had to figure it out on my own—I can definitely say that it was well worth it because I’m leaner, more energetic and happier than I’ve ever been.

And thanks to all that I’ve learned and shared with thousands of others, I can honestly say that I’ll never have to be overweight again.

I can’t express how much Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars has helped me. Before I found it I was lost and confused because of everything I’d read on the Internet. Thanks to your program, I found clarity and the weight is coming off. More importantly, I’m keeping it off this time and staying motivated!

– John Dugal

While it is true that losing weight wasn’t easy and it took a lot longer than I’d hoped, I was able to persevere and ultimately succeed for one reason more than any other: people showed up in my life who believed I could do it and nudged me forward when I was frustrated and ready to give up.

Call it a miracle or luck if you want. But every time I was ready to quit, I would come across someone who ***Inspired*** me and gave me the words of encouragement I needed to stay motivated and keep going. Had it not been for their support, I probably would have given up.

Needless to say, I’m very thankful for all those people who dropped into my life at the right time to support me. And just like they did for me, now I want to do the same for you. I want to motivate you, inspire you and provide you with all the tools you need to be successful with losing weight.

If you’re wondering why I want to do this for you when almost nobody else does, the answer is simple.

I remember what it was like when I was overweight; helplessly reaching for any solution hoping that it would work.

I remember what it was like to feel so desperate to lose weight that I was willing to try just about anything—even contemplating things that could have potentially ruined my health or ended my life.

And, most importantly, I know what it feels like to see the light at the end of the tunnel and emerge victorious—and I want you to enjoy that incredible feeling too!

Can you imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you FINALLY reach your ideal body and weight? And how it’ll dramatically change your life?

You’ll stand tall and be confident!

You’ll be full of hi-octane energy!

You’ll radiate youthful vitality!

You’ll wear what you want to wear!

You’ll be comfortable with your body!

You’ll enjoy emotional freedom!

You’ll be doing all the things you’ve always wanted to do!

Wouldn’t that feel wonderful?

Of course! This is precisely why the Weight Loss Secrets of Superstars Online Success Program includes a VIP Membership Gift Package (valued at $97.00) for ongoing help, motivation and support—so you can actually enjoy these results! 

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Some of what you’ll discover in the 5 Steps workshop audio includes: 

  • How to boost your drive and motivation to lose weight… even if you’ve had trouble staying motivated in the past
  • How to know which foods to eat and which foods to avoid so you can get the results you want without the need to become a nutrition expert
  • How to lose weight without the need to use pills, potions or weight loss supplements
  • How to start a beginners exercise program or kick your workout intensity into high gear
  • How to stick with a weight loss program and enjoy success… even when you “don’t feel like it”
  • How to jumpstart your metabolism so you can burn fat 24 hours a day
  • How to have high octane energy so you can enjoy peak physical performance and mental focus
  • How to reduce and eliminate fat inducing stress and stress related hormones
  • How to break through weight loss plateaus when your results are at a standstill
  • How to eliminate binge eating, overeating and emotional eating—permanently
  • How to build greater confidence and self-esteem so you can enjoy life to the fullest
  • How to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle so you can keep the weight off
  • How to identify and eliminate any self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • How to break free of any non-supportive habits that are causing weight gain
  • Why our “age” is irrelevant! And how anyone can begin losing weight
  • How to be healthier and feel happier and more positive on a daily basis
  • How to re-program your body and your mind so you can enjoy the Rockin’ body you’ve always wanted

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